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We Lettopia Pallets sell liquidation inventory by the pallet and truckload. Stock your reseller business with premium quality liquidation merchandise from top retailers. Pallets filled with overstock items, shelf pulls & returns! Conveniently located in California

B2B Lettopia Pallets liquidation marketplace for manifested wholesale lots of surplus merchandise sold in online auctions. Bid on pallets & truckloads from top US retailers.

We are excited to announce the opening of Lettopia Pallets California. We are selling wholesale liquidated merchandise from all the major retailers. The merchandise will be on pallets and the pallet will be sold whole. These items are seasonal, shelf pulls, overstocked and returns.

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Amazon Mystery box pallets

Amazon Mystery Boxes AT $28 each Status: Available Condition: Clearance, Closeouts, Returns, Shelf Pulls Approx number of pallets: 224 Number of boxes per pallet: 11 Shipping Area: Worldwide
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